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The Clock is Still Running

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
The impeachable offense that George W Bush admitted to 416 days ago is still on the table.

James Banford recently brought us up to date on the case for impeachment in Bush Is Not Above the Law. He reminded us of the grounds: Violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Then he pointed out that:
The issue is not original. Among the charges approved by the House Judiciary Committee when it recommended its articles of impeachment against President Nixon was "illegal wiretaps." President Nixon, the bill charged, "caused wiretaps to be placed on the telephones of 17 persons without having obtained a court order authorizing the tap, as required by federal law; in violation of Sections 241, 371 and 2510-11 of the Criminal Code."

Under his program, President Bush could probably be charged with wiretapping not 17 but thousands of people without having obtained a court order authorizing the taps as required by federal law, in violation of FISA.
How many more days before the 110th Congress puts Impeachment back on the table?
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