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Elizabeth Holtzman on Impeachment

Wednesday, September 13, 2006
From the National Review Online:

"An interview with Elizabeth Holtzman, a leader of the impeach Bush movement. According to Holtzman, Bush doesn't need to have committed a crime, only that Congress finds that he abused his power. An excerpt:

BG: If the Democrats do retake the house, and Rep. John Conyers takes over the Judiciary Committee, do you foresee him being able to mobilize a groundswell to make this happen?

EH: It doesn't happen because Congress wants it. Impeachment can only happen when the American people demand it. And we've seen two political impeachments: one with Andrew Johnson, which was a failure and highly partisan; and one with Bill Clinton, also highly partisan and contrary to what the American people wanted. During Watergate and the Nixon impeachment proceedings, it was the American people who demanded that Congress act. If the American people don't support it, it can't happen. But if people demand it, it will happen, it can happen, and it should happen."