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Thursday, June 08, 2006
From articlesofimpeachment.net:

The Center for Constitutional Rights, America's leading institution of constitutional scholarship, has developed a legal case for the impeachment of George W Bush. Now, in collaboration with Melville House Books and progressives across the U.S., they are sponsoring a "National Teach-In" to share their case, what's at stake, and what impeachment means for every American.

On this site, you can find a teach-in in your neighborhood, town, or city. Or you can sign-up to host a teach-in and bring this important and non-partisan discussion of impeachment to your home, school, church, or community center.

For those interested in hosting a teach-in, an "Action Kit" is available. The kit includes the documentary short HOW TO IMPEACH A PRESIDENT, featuring Center for Constitutional Rights attorneys. Also included are a discussion guide, action strategies, and copies of the Center for Constitutional Rights' handbook ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AGAINST GEORGE W. BUSH.