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From Open Your Mind's Eye: Join the New Anti-Bush Newsgroup

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
IBC contributor Open Your Mind's Eye has created a news group and has invited all IBC members and fellow Bush foes to join. The news group will serve the following purposes:

1. Incorporates your site, into a listing of likeminded bloggers.
2. Generates targeted and friendly traffic to your blog site.
3. Promotes a reverberative echo of the impeach bush message into the blogosphere.

Here is the invitiation from Open Your Minds Eye:

To join, just click here. Then post your website along with a description. After posting your website in order to maintain a placement on the ranking board you will need to post the html to your website it displays a web button on your site, this is key and is an integral part in making the service work. As soon as this gets going it should prove to be a worthy source for traffic generation. If you have a banner, please feel free to post that as well. It draws attention to your site and generates more clicks. I have enclosed a link below for a Banner Creator to help you get started. It's a pretty slick tool, and is excellent for showing off your weblog. This Newsgroup will prove to be an invaluable source of website promotion. Please keep in mind this is an Anti-Bush Newsgroup, that being the case, you will start to notice that the listings will fill up fast.

This site will also rank a website/blog based on the amount of unique clicks coming to a toplist and assigns certain position on this list. The more visitors you have, the higher you are on the toplist. It also helps you to raise your ranks in search engines, by providing you with new backlinks from politics.ontoplist.com, and thus raises your google PageRank.

Hurry and register your site to secure your placement today!