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The Progressive Nails It

Monday, May 15, 2006
"This shows how bankrupt the Democratic leadership is.

They worry that the mere mention of the "I" word will so galvanize Republicans that Democrats won't gain control of the House or the Senate and won't therefore be able to slow Bush down, much less impeach him.

This argument has two key flaws.

First, it's unprincipled. Impeachment is not a partisan issue. It goes way beyond which party is in the White House or who controls Capitol Hill. It's about whether we're a democracy or not.

You should support impeachment if you believe in the Constitution, whatever party allegiance you have. But even for those who only speak tactics, it's foolish.

If your goal is impeachment, you need to clamor for it now. You need to build a mass base for impeachment, otherwise Pelosi will continue to abandon this issue.

And if I were a Democratic strategist, and I'm not, I'd favor impeachment because it galvanizes the Democratic base, and Karl Rove has proven time and time again that you need to get your base out to win. For years, Democrats have taken their base for granted.

Now, with impeachment, they are doing so again."

(Emphasis Added.)