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Impeachment Isn't Comfortable, But...

Thursday, May 04, 2006
"In opposing the proposed Town Meeting resolution calling for President Bush's impeachment, Anil Adyanthaya asked in the April 27 TAB, "Do Town Meeting members really want to tell Brookline's schoolchildren that their president is a criminal and a liar who should be thrown out of office?
No one wants to tell their children that the president is a criminal and a liar. Unfortunately, our president is a criminal and a liar. We can either tell our children the truth as we try to defend our democracy, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, or we can stand idly by, our heads in the sand, as more harm is done to the security of our nation and to our civil liberties.
This president has led us into a disastrous war through lies and deceit. He misled us with false tales of "weapons of mass destruction" that he knew did not exist. He told us that there were ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Queda when he knew of none. These were lies. It is a high crime and misdemeanor to lead a country into war through lies and deceit."