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Howard Dean on Impeachment

Monday, May 01, 2006
An hour ago, Howard Dean was interviewed by guest host Norah O'Donnell on MSNBC's Harbdall. Here is just one of her questions, and Howard Dean's response:
O'DONNELL: If Democrats win in the midterm elections in November, will the Democrats in Congress move to impeach this president?

DEAN: I doubt it. It's possible. I mean, no doubt, there will be investigations because there's been so much corruption in the White House and the vice president's office, even the Republican Senate president is under investigation for insider trading. The Republican House leader had to resign. The new Republican House leader just killed all the ethics legislation.

It's pretty much of a culture of corruption on the Republican side in Washington now, and I think you're certainly going to see some investigations.

The Democrats believe that we need to do something about jobs, we need to fix our security or especially our port security. We want honesty and openness back in our government, so we want to have real ethics reform. That's a big list of important things.

You know, unless there's a terrible smoking gun, I think impeachment is going to come pretty low on the list, because we have got to really turn this country around and that is a big job.