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Guerrilla Impeachment: At the Pump

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
While standing at the gas pump today, watching the dollars and cents spinning far too fast in comparison to the gallons dial, I stood there muttering to myself, "What the hell will it take to impeach this criminal son of a bitch?"

Then it dawned on me.

These days, there is no better place to get your point across to the average American than while he/she is standing there at the gas pump. Aren't we all muttering at the gas pump these days?

So here is my (latest) call to arms.

Let's reach the American gas consumer at the moment he/she is most open to our message, while he/she is pumping gas.


Guerrilla Advertising!!

A nicely placed "Impeach" sticker, right next to the "Dollars and Cents" dial on your local gas pump will do the trick.

It's one word. Impeach. But sitting there on the Exxon gas pump, juxtaposed with the cost of fuel, it really says it all, doesn't it?

And for pete's sake, the oil companies have been shitting on the environment without any conscience, so don't feel too bad about putting one sticker on their gas pump. Sometimes disobedience is required.

It's damn easy. Print out a sheet of "Impeach" stickers on your computer. Put the sheet in your car. Everytime you stop to fill your tank up with gas, place an "Impeach" sticker on the pump. And don't forget to take your receipt!

If anything, it should provide you with a bit of catharsis.