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The GOP Strategy

Monday, May 08, 2006
The GOP believes that they can use the specter of impeachment to dissuade voters from voting Democratic in the mid-term elections.

Are they serious?

Have they seen the polls?

It's not as though Bush is a popular president. According to the latest Gallup Poll, he is at a 31% approval rating.

Telling potential voters that, essentially, "voting Democrat= voting for impeachment" is not only pathetic, as a campaign strategy, but the strategy will backire. If anything, their strategy will coax the growing anti-Bush crowd to vote Democrat.

It's not as if Bush has a 60% approval rating. The people have grown tired of the rampant corruption and the excessive policies of this administration. The people want accountability. Telling people that a Democratic House would, in essence, bring accountability will only serve to coax people into voting Democrat in the next election.

It's now plainly obvious that the GOP leadership is completely out of touch with the current political climate. After all, if they bothered to look, they would realize that 70% of the country does not approve of Bush. That being the case, the "threat of impeachment" serves more to help Democrats than it does to hurt Democrats.