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Another Coward-- Democratic Senator Evan Bayh

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
From Pam Paulding at Pandagon:

"As for me, I tried to think of a question that the Shakers would like to see answered, and what I came up with was asking the Senator whether he supported Nancy Pelosi's decision to take impeachment off the table in the House, even though thorough investigations of the administration haven't been done and polls show that Americans increasingly support impeachment. Bayh said (paraphrasing), "Remember when the Republicans were going nuts in pursuit on Clinton...?" And because I apparently cannot control my smart-assitude even when sitting two feet away from a Senator, I said, "No, I don't remember that at all. When was that?" Okay, the other bloggers laughed, but Bayh didn't seem to find it all that funny. Sorry, Senator.

He went on to say that the American people didn't like it when the Republican Congress went after Clinton when they should have been paying attention to jobs and the economy and shit, and there was a backlash, and the Dems won seats during midterms—and if the Dems tried to impeach Bush, the same thing would happen, because it would be viewed as motivated by a vendetta.

Pam Paulding continues...

"Sis points out, rightfully so, that the Dems have no brain or a spine, because there was no backlash against the Rethugs — here we are in the nightmare term 2 of this administration (and the only reason the Rethugs are in trouble is because of their own corruption and malfeasance).

What's ridiculous is that this position presumes that there is some equivalence between a lying about a BJ and Dear Leader's torching of the Constitution to suit his needs. What on earth what would qualify in Dem minds as grounds for impeachment when all they are worried about is imaginary political "backlash?" How about considering what might be the best thing to do for the country when the executive branch is power-mad and out of control? Taking it off the table as a strategy is a worthy question for these Dems to answer fully, given there so much up in the air that could come crashing down on the Bushies.

(Why is it that the Democrats always seem to overthink an issue? This administration has gone well beyond the standards for impeachment. Everybody with a brain sees it. To hell with the concern for "backlash". It's about the Constitution, stupid!)