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Monday, April 10, 2006
Are you a blogger?

Wanna promote impeachment and generate more traffic to your blog at the same time? Here is an easy way for you bloggers.

See the nice "Headlines from the Impeach Bush Coalition" box on the left side of this page? Well, you can put one on your blog and add your blog's feed into the impeachment box. By doing so, you will be promoting impeachment and your blog.

So what's the hook?

There is no hook. All we ask is that you add the box into your blog's template so it can be seen somewhere conspicuosly on your blog. As more bloggers add the box, the more traffic the box will bring, so don't just add the box, but spread the word out too.

For directions on how to add the box onto your blog, go HERE.

Thanks to Mark Brandon at First Sustainable Investment Advisers for donating his time and effort to making this happen!