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Listen to Neil Young's Impeachment Song

Friday, April 28, 2006
I haven't listened to it yet, but here it is.It's song #7.

While you're at it. Also check out how Neil Young's patriotism has now been slandered by Fox News.
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The People Must Lead

Thursday, April 27, 2006
We tend to think that our elected officials are, in fact, our leaders. However, elected officials are only our representative leaders. They represent us (or at least they are supposed to!). We, the people, retain the true power of this great nation. Better yet, we are supposed to have the power...

What happens when our so-called leaders do not listen to the will of the people?

Well, the people must lead.

As it relates to impeachment, so far, the people are leading the way.

Quote of the Day

"Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless and corrupt." Mahatma Gandhi

Lyrics to Neil Young's Impeachment Song

The song is due out on Friday. Here are the lyrics.

"Let's Impeach the President"
By Neil Young

Let's impeach the president for lying
And leading our country into war
Abusing all the power that we gave him
And shipping all our money out the door
He's the man who hired all the criminals
The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors
And bend the facts to fit with their new stories
Of why we have to send our men to war
Let's impeach the president for spying
On citizens inside their own homes
Breaking every law in the country
By tapping our computers and telephones
What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees
Would New Orleans have been safer that way
Sheltered by our government's protection
Or was someone just not home that day?
Let's impeach the president
For hijacking our religion and using it to get elected
Dividing our country into colors
And still leaving black people neglected
Thank god he's racking down on steroids
Since he sold his old baseball team
There's lot of people looking at big trouble
But of course the president is clean
Thank God

Vermont is the Third

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
First Illinois. Then California. Now it is Vermont.

Neil Young is Giving it Away

Neil Young's latest album entitled "Living with War" will be given away for free over the Internet.

Once it's up, we'll post a copy of the song "Let's Impeach the President".

Keep a look out, it should be up on Friday!

Kennenec County Joins In...

Another county will be voting on an impeachment resolution.

Note: Has the media even begun to report on this grassroots impeachment movement yet?
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From AlterNet: "Impeaching Bush, State by State"

"Forget bird flu, impeachment is spreading across the nation, state by state..."

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When the States Go Marching In...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Oh when the states,
go marching in.

Oh when the states go marching in!

I want to be inside Congress, when the states go marching in!

More on the City Resolutions in Cali

Not that it's a surprise, but just for the record, Berkeley is on board.

Add California!

Monday, April 24, 2006
From ImpeachPAC:

State legislators in Illinois and California have introduced resolutions (details below) to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

The Jefferson Manual of rules for the U.S. House of Representatives allows state legislatures to initiate impeachment proceedings by submitting charges to Congress.

In Vermont, Representative David Zuckerman plans to introduce a similar resolution this week. In Pennsylvania, State Senator Jim Ferlo is collecting signatures on petitions calling for Congress to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Eleven cities and towns have already passed resolutions calling for impeachment. At 9 a.m. on May 1, Ellen Tenney, a small business owner in Rockingham, VT, will lead a delegation presenting a number of these resolutions to House Speaker Dennis Hastert at his office, 235 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, D.C.

In other signs that impeachment is becoming a national movement and cultural phenomenon:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters will speak at a major forum on impeachment at the California Democratic Party Convention in Sacramento on April 29, along with leading Constitutional scholars, impeachment activists, and California Assemblyman Paul Koretz
Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Advisor to President Carter from 1977 to 1981 and a well-known hawk, wrote in the Los Angeles Times that an attack on Iran would be an impeachable offense
The Los Angeles Times urged President Bush to fire Vice President Cheney
Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, in Vanity Fair, called for a bipartisan investigation of Bush.
60 Minutes broke an explosive story that Saddam's Foreign Minister told the CIA that Iraq had no WMD's, which was conveyed to President Bush by George Tenet in the fall of 2002 - and then deliberately ignored because "the policy was set. The War in Iraq was coming."
Neil Young will release a new album this week containing "Let's Impeach the President," which is creating tremendous buzz in the music world
Red Hot Chili Peppers' bass player Flea called for Bush's impeachment on the band's website
Ed Asner recorded a public service announcement for AfterDowningStreet.org urging Congress to investigate possible crimes
Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen joined a long list of congressional candidates, scholars, and activists as a member of a Citizens Impeachment Commission: http://impeachpac.org/citizens


Three members of the Illinois General Assembly have introduced a bill that urges the General Assembly to submit charges to the U. S. House of Representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States, George W. Bush, for willfully violating his Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and if found guilty urges his removal from office and disqualification to hold any other office in the United States. The text of the Illinois bill and information on its status are available here: http://tinyurl.com/nhs3r

The bill takes up the issues of illegal spying, torture, detentions without charge or trial, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, and the leaking of classified information. These are the sponsors:

Rep. Karen A. Yarbrough, phone (217) 782-8120 or (708) 615-1747; fax (708) 615-1745

Rep Sara Feigenholtz , phone (217) 782-8062 or (773) 296-4141; fax (217) 557-7203 or (773) 296-0993

Rep. Eddie Washington phone (217) 558-1012 or (847) 623-0060, fax (847) 623-6078


California Assemblyman Paul Koretz of Los Angeles (where the LA Times has now called for Cheney's resignation) has submitted amendments to Assembly Joint Resolution No. 39, calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney. The amendments reference Section 603 of Jefferson's Manual of the Rules of the United States House of Representatives, which allows federal impeachment proceedings to be initiated by joint resolution of a state legislature.

The resolution, in the words of Koretz's press release, "bases the call for impeachment upon the Bush Administration intentionally misleading the Congress and the American people regarding the threat from Iraq in order to justify an unnecessary war that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives and casualties; exceeding constitutional authority to wage war by invading Iraq; exceeding constitutional authority by Federalizing the National Guard; conspiring to torture prisoners in violation of the 'Federal Torture Act' and indicating intent to continue such actions; spying on American citizens in violation of the 1978 Foreign Agency Surveillance Act; leaking and covering up the leak of the identity of Valerie Plame Wilson, and holding American citizens without charge or trial."

Koretz submitted amendments gutting AJR No. 39, a resolution unrelated to impeachment, to the Assembly Rules Committee. The Rules Committee may take up the bill this week for referral, allowing him to formally introduce the amended resolution.

AJR 39 is a bill introduced in January by Koretz calling for a moratorium on depleted uranium:

"At both the state and national levels," Koretz said, "we will be paying for the Bush Administration's illegal actions and terrible lack of judgment and competence for decades—not only in the billions of dollars wasted on the war and welfare for the rich, but in the worldwide loss of respect for America and Americans. Bush and Cheney must be impeached and removed from office before they undertake even deadlier misdeeds, such as the use of nuclear weapons. There are no bounds to their willingness to ignore the Constitution and world opinion—we can't afford to wait for the next disaster and hope that we can survive it."

More on the Illinois Resolution

Thanks to RenaRF for posting about the Illinois resolution!

Here is some more info.

Illinois State Senator Introduces Impeachment Resolution

Friday, April 21, 2006
I don't post much over here - it seems every time I hear something worth posting, our indefatiguable Bulldog Manifesto has already gotten to it. But there is a diary up at Daily Kos on the recommended list about Illinois State Senator Karen Yarbrough's introduction of a resolution to impeach George W. Bush. The diary was written by Kagro X and while the resolution text s/he reports is recounted below, I strongly enourage you to go on over to Daily Kos via the link above, recommend the diary, and sift through the comments.

HC & M, Yarbrough introduces impeachment resolution

Today, Thursday, April 20, 2006, Rep. Karen Yarbrough introduced into the Illinois General Assembly Joint Resolution 125, which calls for the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

WHEREAS, Section 603 of Jefferson's Manual of the Rules of the United States House of Representatives allows federal impeachment proceedings to be initiated by joint resolution of a state legislature; and

WHEREAS, President Bush has publicly admitted to ordering the National Security Agency to violate provisions of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a felony, specifically authorizing the Agency to spy on American citizens without warrant; and

WHEREAS, Evidence suggests that President Bush authorized violation of the Torture Convention of the Geneva Conventions, a treaty regarded a supreme law by the United States Constitution; and

WHEREAS, The Bush Administration has held American citizens and citizens of other nations as prisoners of war without charge or trial; and

WHEREAS, Evidence suggests that the Bush Administration has manipulated intelligence for the purpose of initiating a war against the sovereign nation of Iraq, resulting in the deaths of large numbers of Iraqi civilians and causing the United States to incur loss of life, diminished security and billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses; and

WHEREAS, The Bush Administration leaked classified national secrets to further a political agenda, exposing an unknown number of covert U. S. intelligence agents to potential harm and retribution while simultaneously refusing to investigate the matter; and

WHEREAS, the Republican-controlled Congress has decline to fully investigate these charges to date; therefore be it

RESOLVED, BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE NINETY-FOURTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, THE SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that the General Assembly of the State of Illinois has good cause to submit charges to the U. S. House of Representatives under Section 603 that the President of the United States has willfully violated his Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States; and be it further

RESOLVED, That George W. Bush, if found guilty of the charges contained herein, should be removed from office and disqualified to hold any other office in the United States.

My $.02. Any efforts within the law towards impeachment is excellent news. A change in either or both houses of Congress this year will substantially increase calls for impeachment. If you haven't already, get involved in your local races and let's help Democrats return to power.

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Don't Impeach Him....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
....commit him!

"Despite the man's wacky religiosity, I have been giving Bush the benefit of a small amount of remaining doubt after five years of the most disastrous rule this nation has ever suffered. I believed that he was breathtakingly bigoted, stupid and ignorant. But I didn't think he was out of his mind. Until now.

"Current and former American military and intelligence officials" tell Hersh "that
President Bush is determined to deny the Iranian regime the opportunity to begin a pilot program, planned for this spring, to enrich uranium." Of course, uranium enrichment for peaceful atomic energy is permitted by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Iran is a signatory. Which is what the Iranians say they're doing. But the Bush Administration, which knows a little about lying, doesn't believe them."

Time to Investigate the President

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
From IBC member And, yes, I DO take it personally:

what follows are the closing three paragraphs of an extremely well-written and quite lengthy piece in the current issue of vanity fair by carl bernstein, clearly bob woodward's antithesis...

After Nixon's resignation, it was often said that the system had worked. Confronted by an aberrant president, the checks and balances on the executive by the legislative and judicial branches of government, and by a free press, had functioned as the founders had envisioned.

The system has thus far failed during the presidency of George W. Bush—at incalculable cost in human lives, to the American political system, to undertaking an intelligent and effective war against terror, and to the standing of the United States in parts of the world where it previously had been held in the highest regard.

There was understandable reluctance in the Congress to begin a serious investigation of the Nixon presidency. Then there came a time when it was unavoidable. That time in the Bush presidency has arrived.
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The New York Times' Neil Young Coverage

"The 10-song album, "Living With War," will probably represent Mr. Young's most overtly partisan work since the song "Ohio," recorded and quickly released by the group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young as a response to the Kent State shootings in 1970."

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So Many Editorials....

Monday, April 17, 2006
Over the last few months, I have come across countless editorials in various newspapers nationwide- each calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. I've refrained from posting or linking to most of them.

But not this one.
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In North Carolina...

Sunday, April 16, 2006
Even in North Carolina....

Impeachin' in the Free World

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Music news website HITS Daily Double is reporting that Neil Young's upcoming album will contain a track called "Impeach the President".

"...a new album called Life in War, according to filmmaker and Young confidant Jonathan Demme, who describes it as “a brilliant electric assault on Bush and the war in Iraq.” The linchpin track, "Impeach the President," features an edited-together Bush rap set to a 100-voice chorus chanting "flip"/"flop.""


********UPDATE********: Neil Young's official website now confirms this news. A lot more news HERE.

Bush's Welcome Reception in Missouri

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
"Protestors held signs reading “impeach Bush & Cheney,” “bring our troops home” and “when Clinton lied, nobody died,” as they stood on green grass off the parking lot at Columbia Regional Airport on Tuesday morning. They looked upward and shouted in unison, demanding peace, as they waited for President George W. Bush’s plane to land so that they could give him their message."


Democrats.com Reports on the Washington Post's Latest Impeachment Poll

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
The Washington Post polled on censure and impeachment (FINALLY!!). Bob Fertik's Democrats.com has the run-down. Check it out!

Small Town in Colorado Voting For Impeachment Resolution

"He worries that passing the impeachment resolution could hurt Nederland's chances at federal grant money.

"My difference is, we're a town; we do town business," he said. "We have different priorities, and I think we elect officials who can take care of our state and federal issues."

Scott Franklin, the town trustee who proposed the resolution, dismisses such arguments. What the president does affects town residents and becomes town business, he says. In a democracy, big and little voices count the same. If not Nederland, then where?

"All politics is local," said Franklin, a former professional rock climber who now runs a solar electric company. "And we have to speak up, or we're not on the map. You can be a one or a zero. ... It has to start somewhere."


Plamegate Bombshell Has Impeachment Implications

Monday, April 10, 2006
Today, Jason Leopold dropped another bombshell in the Valerie Plame story.

This is HUGE!

Indiana Town Voting on Impeachment

Is Indiana a "rogue state" too?

More HERE.

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Vermont Dems Vote to Urge Impeachment

From The Seattle Times.
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Impeach Bush Coalition T-Shirt Store is Now Open

Friday, April 07, 2006
We've had so many requests, so we had to do it. Introducing our IBC t-shirt store! We currently have only three (3) designs for shirts. We look forward to adding new designs in the coming weeks. Speaking of which...

If there are any design savvy people out there that wouldn't mind donating designs for Impeach Bush Coalition t-shirts, we would really welcome it. All submissions must be 300 dpi, and the images should be no smaller than 6" x 6" and no larger than 9" x 9".

Seventh Vermont Town Says "Impeach"

The Bush admiistration calls Vermont a "rogue state". I wonder, WHY?


...yet another town joins in.

Did Bush Authorize Scooter Libby?

Thursday, April 06, 2006
From The New York Sun:
"A former White House aide under indictment for obstructing a leak probe, I. Lewis Libby, testified to a grand jury that he gave information from a closely-guarded "National Intelligence Estimate" on Iraq to a New York Times reporter in 2003 with the specific permission of President Bush, according to a new court filing from the special prosecutor in the case.

The court papers from the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, do not suggest that Mr. Bush violated any law or rule. However, the new disclosure could be awkward for the president because it places him, for the first time, directly in a chain of events that led to a meeting where prosecutors contend the identity of a CIA employee, Valerie Plame, was provided to a reporter."

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And Another...

Another town in the mix....
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Musician Peaches: "Impeach my Bush"

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Electro-rock musician, Peaches, has released a new album. The title of the album is "Impeach my Bush".

"At the Bring 'Em Home Now! concert last month in New York City, Peaches took the stage and chanted, "If I'm wrong, impeach my bush! Impeach my bush!" The mantra means so much to Toronto-born Merrill Nisker that she's titling her third Peaches album Impeach My Bush. The disc will be released on July 11 by XL Recordings."


OpEdNews: On the Cheney Factor

"But Cheney will be President if you impeach Bush!!"

"Yeah, but how much power would Cheney have with an impeached Bush administration?"

OpEdNews has more on this line of thinking.

Another Town Joins In

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
According to the Boston Globe, another town will be voting on an impeachment resolution.