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Impeach Bush Coalition Endorses Carl Sheeler for U.S. Senate

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Impeach Bush Coaltion hereby endorses Carl Sheeler in his campaign to become U.S. Senator for the great State of Rhode Island.

Who is Carl Sheeler?

Carl Sheeler is a marine veteran who served during the first Iraq war. He has been referred to as being a "1970's style democrat." (I guess that means he isn't afraid to stand up for what is right.)

In his own words:
"I care what people think. Ultimately, I believe leadership is a blend of compassion, sincerity, decisiveness and courage. Inside, I’m the same kid who spent a good part of the day running around in slightly irregular clothes and shoes playing roller hockey, hoops, and stickball. My parents stretched every dollar, so there were times I put cardboard in my shoes to cover the holes and my mom put patches on my pants. I made some spending money delivering fruits and vegetables in the city and learned to save. My old man worked for the government almost all the time he was alive and I never told him I was proud of him. My folks taught me the value of frugality, hard work, and that it was good to be good and open-minded. I’ll admit I missed the lesson at times, and once had to declare personal bankruptcy. My grandparents were first generation from eastern Europe and Germany.

"We lived in many low and moderate-income areas in New York, Los Angeles, and outside D.C., but I learned a lot from these neighborhoods and appreciate that it’s not easy to leave them. We weren’t particularly religious. We celebrated Chanukah until I chose to go through Catholic confirmation and baptism when I was 18. I needed (and still do) the spirituality of G-d. I did fairly well in school and okay in some sports. I loved football, but spent a lot of time picking up splinters sitting on the bench. I ran track and have been running ever since. Occasionally I pump iron, too. After receiving Senatorial and Congressional nominations to the US Air Force Academy, I broke my wrist and was no longer qualified. There is no shame in success or failure, just another lesson.

"Between savings and working mostly minimum wage jobs for three years in retail, store security, and life guarding, I paid much of my way through college and later signed up with the Marines. Some of my bosses thought I was a good combat and staff officer and I’m sure some didn’t, but I was more interested in what my troops thought and I think I did okay there. Like most, I loved being a Marine for the challenges it brought and leading a diverse bunch of troops. In my late 20’s I rarely balanced the military, education, and my marriage very well. I worked in various management positions for a number of large corporations in sales, planning and operations, but I always wanted to be my own boss and figure out how to be a good dad and husband, too. The majority of Americans today struggle with these same issues and choices every day. That would have to wait until after I was deactivated from serving in support of Desert Storm.

"My eldest daughter will be a high school senior and now lives with her mom and step-dad in Florida. She is a national merit scholar and I’m proud of her. She taught me about cooperation and patience. My teen step-daughter, a very bright, witty, and fiercely independent woman is training to manage a restaurant. My teenage step-son loves to play guitar, his girlfriend and can play a mean game of soccer. He's into vintage war medals and WWII airplanes. My second eldest daughter is into the saxophone, creative writing, drawing and playing league softball. My son likes all kinds of music, reading, playing outside, drawing and is trying his hand at football this summer.

"I got my shot at running my own business in San Diego in 1992. My (then) wife and I chose Rhode Island as our home in 1998 with its strength as one large community despite its heavy taxes. I have lived in both Providence and in Kent County. Living in places like Brooklyn, Chicago, San Diego and Providence really opens your eyes to all walks of life and cultures. My company and lots of student loans have allowed me to pay for additional college education, be a part-time college professor, and run this campaign. I couldn't do this without the help of my ex-wife, who I am proud is helping me with this campaign, along with my current wife. Our cooperation is wasn’t always easy. More importantly, I’m learning the toughest job of all – being a parent in the MTV/MP3 world. These experiences make me better appreciate what it’s like to be a youth, sweat payroll, and stretch dollars to keep a roof over our heads and our family insured.

"I also have learned that being a Democrat is about helping to give others an opportunity, not lip service. This is why I disaffiliated from the Republican Party, as some of its influential members see the party’s role as “I know what’s best for you”. My experiences of helping others have shown me the importance of assisting people suffering from all the financial and legal struggles most of us deal with during our lives. I learned there are some great small and medium size business owners out there who are willing to accept the risks and are truly the engine that is our economy. Like you, I have become afraid that politicians are putting social security at risk, they're not keeping promises of prosperity and personal freedoms, they're creating an “us and them” society, they're buying their office and forgetting working families. I'm very afraid and angry. When I get angry, I get determined and think, “what would my mom say?” We should think, “What would mom say?” I want to replace fear with hope.

"Public interest is what defines my political platform, not special interests. That makes me a real political outsider. I can’t buy a U.S. Senate seat and I’m not going to condemn the good personal fortunes of the other candidates in this race. Between them, these men have millions of dollars at their disposal to get their message to you and media does not come cheap. I’ve made a personal investment to run for what I believe in, which is a better Rhode Island and America. I work for a living and my job would be working for, and being accessible, to you. I want to earn your trust and support by being authentic, honest with my thoughts, and hard working. I don't have all the answers, but I think together we do."

Last week, Mr. Sheeler candidly posted the following message on the IBC blog:
"No plastic, no poll tested answers. We want change. We want our dream of America back, we want our democracy back. We want Blue to mean something other than "sad". We want Democrats to walk the talk or step aside so we can take back our government of "We The People."

I need everyones' help. It's really quite simple. Dedicate a few minutes or an hour when you can to light up the blogosphere and send emails and phone calls to everyone you know on this god's creation in and outside of RI as it's a federal seat that is one more to gain to oppose this corrupted government.

I need the dough to pepper the state with these BE PATRIOTIC IMPEACH BUSH billboards and put as many bumper stickers on vehicles so the message gets to everyone ($10 bucks is 30 bumper stickers or pieces of direct mail and $110 is 1% of the cost of a billboard sign). Our "are you hearing me now?" and "read my lips" messages are unmistakable.

It's often lonely doing this thing, but simple touches of support make it so, so much easier to do this every day. Let's get the word out. Thank you again for taking the time to share."

Please donate to Mr. Sheeler's campaign HERE.

You can also make donations to Mr. Sheeler and other impeachment-minded candidates via ImpeachPAC-- HERE.

More on Mr. Sheeler:
"Sheeler also charged the president with failing to produce Weapons of Mass Destruction, the inability to provide adequate armor for troops, cutting the state's funds for domestic security, and national funding cuts for education and healthcare.

"Providing three separate articles of impeachment for Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld for "high crimes and misdemeanors," Sheeler accused Bush of having, "repeatedly lied to our Congress and American, broke our laws and abused this executive authority with impunity..."

"Sheeler expressed his frustrations regarding Langevin and Kennedy's lack of action to intitiate impeachment hearings and stated that he was taking matters into his own hands.

Sheeler has secured a billboard located in the area of exit 18 on I-95 that will read, "Be Patriotic, Impeach Bush," set to be erected on Friday."

Yup, that's right, Mr. Sheeler has already gone to the trouble of preparing Articles of Impeachment.

Please support Mr. Sheeler's campaign.

Impeach Bush!