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Republican Congressional Candidate Favors Impeachment

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
From a Press Release:
"I consider the Bush Administration to be both criminal and totalitarian and I have been saying so for months. The rest of the world sees this quite clearly.

Messers Bush and Cheney will not stop their wiretapping program even if it is challenged in court or ruled illegal by the Court or Congress. They are authoritarians, folks, and they have made it clear to everyone except for those currently running this nation's newspapers that they will pursue
their so-called war on terror as they see fit, no matter what we or our courts and Congress think.

That is why I called for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney in my announcement for Congress back in June of '05. You probably didn't know that, because "our" Vermont media did not report it.

I will be very happy to defend my assertion above at any time, should the media or my likely opponents for Vermont's seat in Congress find their courage somehow, and engage me on the real issue in the upcoming campaign.

(Mr. Morrisseau is an announced Republican candidate for Congress from Vermont)"

Dennis Morrisseau's website can be seen HERE.