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January 8 Will Be Guerilla Impeachment Day!

Monday, January 02, 2006
OK, this comes from Kagro X at Daily Kos.

It seems as though the Kossacks are planning a guerilla impeachment day for Sunday, January 8, 2006. The Impeach Bush Coalition is joining in!

Here is the scoop:

On Sunday, January 8, the impeachment army is going to get as many people together as possible to participate "in an effort to paper their areas with the IMPEACH message in preparation for the Monday commute. Highway banners, yard signs, paper fliers stapled to telephone polls, bumper stickers, Avery labels... everything we can throw at them."

From Kagro X:
"That gives you a week to get ready. Interested in making signs? Follow the IMPEACH link to our wiki page and find instructions on both quick-'n-dirty methods and more elaborate signmaking, not to mention the art of hanging your creations. Interested in making stickers? Instructions and templates can be found there, too, as well as in previous IMPEACH diaries. Can't find them? Ask here! We'll give you direct links! We're easy!"
In the meantime, you have a mission -- and there should be no doubt about your willingness to accept it: organize your impeachment army in your area. Gather your friends, family members, and whomever else you know that wouldn't mind getting involved in the impeachment fight.

Next, during this week, you and your army must make your freeway signs, banners, yard signs, paper fliers stapled to telephone polls, bumper stickers, Avery labels, etc.

Be as creative as you wish, but try to stay on point. Remember, we are doing this for impeachment.

On Sunday night, January 8, the impeachment armies will go out and paper the nation with the IMPEACH message, just in time for the Monday morning commute.

Join in! Spread the word!