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An IBC Rant

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
The blog Musings of a Liberal Texan hasn't been around long, but from what I've seen so far, this lady knows how to rant.

"Yes, the republicans won and have the power. But guess what? 52% of the people in this country believe that Bush should be impeached! 52%! Last time a percentage was used, I believe it was 51%, it was called a mandate. So what is 52%? A direct freakin’ order? Over and over again we heard it said – mandate! mandate! mandate! all over the news. What was the percentage of people that wanted Clinton impeached? 36%? Yet silence from the media on the issue of impeachment. No amount of head bobbing, arrogant dismissal of facts, minimizing of ethical violations or deflection of attention will ever, ever justify blatant law breaking.
It is time for the democrats, the progressives of our nation to say, we pander no more. The people are with us...."

It gets better HERE