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How to Build a Police State

Tuesday, January 31, 2006
"The political justifications for spying resemble those the Fascists used to cement their hold over Germany as President Bush uses national security to assume dictatorial powers to spy on US citizens. Dictatorial governments often seize power to protect their citizens from an evil or outside threat. The Roman emperors usurped power to protect their citizens from civil wars. Stalin protected the state from capitalists and foreign intruders. Hitler protected Germany from France, the communists and the Jews, and Saddam Hussein protected his people from warring religious factions.

A standard Bush tactic, the current propaganda blitz drums up fear of another attack to gain support and condemns Democrats, who Bush, Cheney and Rove suggest are unpatriotic and soft on terrorism. There's no substance to these arguments, which seek to extend presidential power; "executive privileges" similar to ones Bush used to conduct secret meetings with oil conglomerates to set energy policy, and to set policy on torturing prisoners and imprisoning Americans indefinitely without trial."