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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
I'm telling you - Daily Kos has been a wellspring of impeachment-related information. Daily Kos diarist Kagro X put up a diary yesterday full of ideas about how you can spread the impeachment message using little more than a color printer and some basic supplies you can get at any electronics or craft store. I've asked for and received permission to repost her work here. I highly recommend, however, that you follow the link to the entire original post and scan through the comments for some great ideas and artwork that you can use for banners (to hang from highway overpasses), bumper stickers, smaller stickers, and lawn/road signs. Talk about grass roots... So read on!

IMPEACH: Guerrilla Marketing Takes Off
by Kagro X [Subscribe]
Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 03:11:40 PM EST

Well, yesterday's diary sure felt good.

In case you missed it, we've decided not to wait around for our elected officials to carry our water for us on the impeachment front. We all know the barriers they face in that fight.

Instead, we're doing what we can -- what anyone can -- just to take the word off the TV, reclaim ownership of it from the necktied wonks, and make it something everyone feels. We're putting it in the public square, and making it something everyone can see is being talked about, everywhere, by everyone.Have you printed your own Do-It-Yourself sign or stickers? Remember, that's the beauty of this idea. You can do it all yourself, anytime you want.

So first, let's mine that earlier thread for the best D-I-Y suggestions.

Wanna do simple, easy stickers?

  • Click here, where Arabiflora has done all the work for you. Just follow his directions (though he uses Times New Roman and I prefer Verdana), and print yourself up a sheet of IMPEACH labels that you can take with you wherever you go.

Wanna have someone do stickers for you?

  • andrewsomething says that Stickerguy.com does decent work, though you may have to wait a few days to get your stuff. Twenty bucks gets you 250 stickers.

Wanna make your own bumper sticker?

Wanna do fancier stuff?

  • You could print up the fancy designs provided by fabooj here, here and here

Wanna do homemade banners?

  • Click here for some suggestions on cheap materials, from Peanut

  • Click here for some tips from Timroff for safely and securely fastening a banner to a highway overpass.

Wanna have someone do a cheap paper banner for you?

  • caliberal says Kinko's will do a 21" long and 15" wide sign for $5.

Wanna spread the holiday cheer?

  • Take a tip from queerbklynboy and get rubber IMPEACH stamps made as stocking stuffers!

Wanna volunteer to do a blog or website for us?


Show your work!

I'd really like to get your pictures of what you've done, preferably "deployed," where you plan to have others see it. And I'd REALLY love to have your pictures of your first chance encounter with SOMEONE ELSE'S work. Something as simple as a picture showing that you're participating can be an enormous inspiration to the rest of us, who want to feel like we're part of something real. then, once we start to see OTHER people's work out on the street... fuggeddaboutit!

So take your pictures to the online Photo Chain, something we were turned on to by Avidity, and which should make it easy for anybody to share photos and inspiration with the rest of us.

Check it out. And if you haven't already done it, or are planning to do more, how about joining us for an IMPEACH movement "live blogging" event, wherein participants go out and place their materials, then post photos of them in real time? Coming soon to a diary near you! Like, let's say during your lunch hour tomorrow? Bring a sign and a digital camera to work, and you're in! Or hell, any of you can do the same any time you're ready to roll. That's the whole point.

But whatever we do, we should keep this ball rolling, with something new each day. Soon, we'll be ready to talk about the big stuff: group purchases and placement of large banners; billboards; and maybe, just maybe, that crazy skywriting idea.

Stay tuned, have fun, and remember that when you do it yourself through Daily Kos, we all do it together!

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