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Shouldn't Hypocrisy Have a Limit?

Thursday, December 29, 2005
I find it quite hilarious that right-wingers are coming out and posting articles about how impeachment would "backfire" against the proponents of impeachment.

First of all, if these wingnuts actually thought impeachment would backfire, they wouldn't say a word-- they would just let it happen and reap the rewards. They certainly wouldn't be warning their political adversaries, would they?

Second, and probably most telling is, these people are of the same ilk as those who came before the American people years ago and attempted to bring impeachment proceedings against one of the most popular American presidents ever. These people somehow fail to recognize the obvious fact that Bill Clinton had a 73% approval rating at the time they tried to impeach him. Yes, that's right, 73% percent.

George W., on the other hand, is not only violating the law, but he is notoriously unpopular.

These people fail to recognize that the proponents of impeachment aren't partaking in fishing expeditions like Ken Starr. We aren't talking about blue dresses, blow jobs, and older women making secret tape recordings of the conversations of young interns. We are talking about a pattern of lies that took us into a war against a nation that was not an immediate threat (costing the lives of thousands!), illegal wiretaps against Americans, outing CIA agents in order to promote a war, and rampant corruption. We are also talking about a president who's approval rating is now in the sub-40% range.

Sorry wingnuts, but this isn't the Clinton impeachment. We appreciate your concern, but there will be no backfire. Once the House of Representatives is won by the Democrats in 2006, this country will finally have the opportunity to see congressional hearings on all sorts of matters that have been, to date, partially hidden from the American public. In 2006, we get to take the lid off and look inside.

Imagine what the president's approval ratings will look like when that happens!

Backfire, you say? Yeah right.