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Impeachment is Now a Political Movement. Join ImpeachPAC.org!

Monday, November 28, 2005
After carefully considering the matter, the Impeach Bush Coalition hereby endorses ImpeachPAC.org. It's time to mobilize and lend our support to ImpeachPAC.org. We finally have a political action committee representing OUR interests-- the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

ImpeachPAC.org was formed less than a month ago by Bob Fertik of Democrats.com (IBC member and contributor). It is a political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.

ImpeachPAC's goal is to support candidates in next year's congressional election who favor impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Less than a month into it, ImpeachPAC has already raised over $35,000.00 and has already garnered it's first congressional endorsement!

What can we, the Impeach Bush Coalition, do to help out?

First, we can join ImpeachPAC.org and make a donation.

As the saying goes, money talks! The ImpeachPAC is our very own, tailor-made, political action committee. By financially supporting it, we are empowering it to go to work for us. We are showing congressmen and congresswomen that impeachment is not only right for America, but supported by Americans.

Second, we should all add an ImpeachPAC.org banner to our blogs (alongside our IBC banners, wherever possible). As a political action committee, the success of ImpeachPAC.org hinges upon it's ability to grow large and strong.

That's where we come in!

IBC members should always do their best to spread the word as much as possible-- all around the blogosphere. Not only on our own blogs, but on other blogs!

We continue to urge everybody to post about the impeachment cause as much as possible, and more specifically, to raise awareness about the Impeach Bush Coalition and the ImpeachPAC.org.

The IBC is where we go to talk, the ImpeachPAC is where we go to fight the political war!

From ImpeachPAC.org:
ImpeachPAC is a "bundling" PAC like Emily's List or Moveon.org, which means we ask you to make an annual contribution to ImpeachPAC to help us build a large and powerful PAC, and also make one or more contributions to pro-impeachment candidates we recommend in the coming months. Our suggested annual dues are:

* $10 citizen
* $25 hero
* $100 founder
* $250 patriot
* $1,000 sustainer

To show George Bush, Congress, and the media that we're serious about impeachment, we have set a goal of $100,000 to launch ImpeachPAC.

C'mon IBC! Time to start FIGHTING!