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All Hands on Deck! The IBC Needs You NOW!

Sunday, October 02, 2005
The IBC needs you right HERE and right NOW! IBC member Luke Ryland a.k.a. "Lukery" of the blog Wot is it Good 4 has teamed up with the people at AfterDowningStreet.Org to spearhead a fundraising effort to collect donations for the purpose of pooling money together to hire the mainstream pollsters to conduct nationwide surveys on matters of impeaching George W. Bush.

We need to come together and make our donations so that we can find out how America feels about impeachment NOW.

Does the public favor an investigation into grounds for impeachment? Does a majority of the public want impeachment right away? What are the most popular reasons for wanting Bush impeached? What does the public think about various other proposals to hold accountable the architects of this war?

We have no way of knowing, because the pollsters aren't asking. One pollster did ask about impeachment in June. This Zogby Poll from June 30, 2005, found that a remarkable 42 percent of Americans favored impeachment if Bush lied about the reasons for the war.

How does America feel about impeachment NOW?!?!