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What's the Point, You Ask?

Monday, September 12, 2005
A lot of people -- especially those on the Right -- have asked, in one way or another: What's the point of the IBC?

Consider Bullwinkle's remarks:

How do you intend to impeach Bush if you aren't rounding up congressmen to pass an impeachment bill to the senate? Do any of you have the slightest idea how to do this?

I liked the Bulldog's and Tom Harper's responses, and I have one of my own.

Bulldog's answer:

We create discussion. Popular discussion creates political pressure. Political pressure causes politicians to act. Pressured politicians find a way to make things happen. The legal groundwork for impeaching Bush has already been laid. That's not what we are here for.

Tom Harper's answer:

Bush needs to be impeached, regardless of who will succeed him in office. Whatever Bush turns out to be guilty of, Cheney is probably up to his eyeballs in it too. We might be able to just get them all out, one by one.

President Hastert? President DeLay? It doesn't matter. We have to demonstrate that we're a nation of laws; that illegal behavior in the White House won't be tolerated.

My answer?

Whatever happens, we win.

If Bush is impeached, we win.

If Bush is not impeached, we still win. Why? Because with all of this discussion, we will probably win the mid-term elections and the 2008 Presidential election.

Creating discussion is what blogging is all about. IMPEACH BUSH has now been in the top 3 searched phrases on Technorati for 3 days in a row. That tells you something.

The more discussion, the more mainstream media will pay attention.

The more mainstream media pays attention, the more the American public pays attention.

The more the American public pays attention, the more pressure will be brought to bear on our politicians.

And we either will get that impeachment, or we'll win the next elections.

In fact, with the President now at a 38% approval rating, wining the next 2 elections seems likely already. We just have to keep the momentum.