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How Can I Help?

Thursday, September 15, 2005
A portion of what we are doing here at the I.B.C. is focused toward the cause of promoting discussion relating to the impeachment of George W. Bush. Like most grass roots efforts, we must rely upon one another to get the word out. Our power as a coalition depends not only upon the length of our membership list, but the determination and effort of our members. As such, whether we will be successful in bringing the impeachment topic into the national discussion will depend upon our ability to expand and properly mobilize the coalition. In essence, the more active members we have, the more we will get accomplished.

Currently, there are three (3) main areas where our members can pitch in to further the cause. If you are a coalition member or just someone who wants to help out the cause, this is what you can do to help:

I. Spread the word around the blogosphere

A. Using our blogs, we can promote impeachment and the IBC.
B. Commenting at other blogs, we can promote impeachment and the IBC.

This is easy. This is something we can all do. The more people are talking about impeachment, the better. The more blogs we can get signed up with the IBC, the more people we can get talking about impeachment. See how that works? Like any grassroots effort, this has the potential to spread like wildfire if we all do our part to get the word out. So make sure you link to the IBC on your blog, in your emails, and in your comments on other people's blogs (especially the big blogs). And if you havent put a banner on your blog yet, what are you waiting for? (There are no advertisements on this blog, so we have nothing to gain from more traffic other than promoting the "Impeach Bush" cause. Promoting the IBC and expanding the coalition is a must.)

II. Spread the word around the national media

I have nearly 100 email addresses for various influential national media persons. I have also written a sample letter that we can each send to those persons. If you are interested in cutting and pasting the letter I have written into your own email (or writing your own letter) and sending it to everybody on the list (all you have to do is cut and paste the addresses too!), just send me an email at prideof55@myway.com and I will send you the letter and the email list.

This shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to complete this task. All the "heavy lifting" has already been done for you. You just need to send the email. I hope I hear from all of you on this. :-)

Of course, you can go above and beyond this. If somebody wants to compile a telephone number list of various media sources, that would be great too. Neither I nor Martian run the show around here. This is an organic venture. We hope you all feel comfortable creating your own "homework assignments."

Just remember, however, we aren't here simply to bash George W. Bush. We are here to promote impeachment. Thus, let us always try to stay on point when we are talking about impeachment. After all, impeachment is a legal mechanism, so our discussions must stay in the neighborhood of legality as much as possible. This is very important to remember. If we aren't talking about a potential impeachable offense, then there is no point in discussing it on the IBC. Of course, if you have a theory why something is an impeachable offense, that is another story altogether.

III. Prepare and contribute impeachment related articles, memos, and/or columns to the IBC for posting on the IBC blog.

We are always looking for content to put on this site. But like I just said, we aren't here merely to criticize Bush and his buddies (although that will happen naturally), this is the arena for discussing impeachment and all-things related to impeachment. Thus, we will always have a need for essays relating to impeachment. Before you go ahead and write an essay, if you aren't sure whether the topic you want to write about is suitable for the IBC, it may be a good idea to check with Martian or I just to make sure that the topic relates sufficiently to impeachment. Some of you have already submitted some great articles to us, but we refrained from posting them because they weren't on point. (Heck, we can always bash Bush on our own blogs. Unforuntely he always provides us with something to criticize. That's what makes it more difficult around here because for us to stay on point, we need to recognize the impeachable topics from the non-impeachable topics.)

If you want us to give you a topic to write on, just drop Martian or I an email. We have many many topics that can be discussed.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at prideof55@myway.com or Martian Anthropologist at martian.anthropologist@gmail.com .