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Saturday, January 13, 2007
The exact number of civilian dead is still unknown.
The U.S.-backed transitional government might have had some claim to popularity on its own, but lost support when the people figured out it was, well, U.S.-backed.
The capital of the country is so dangerous its residents hardly dare step outside to fetch water.
Stop us when this starts to sound familiar.
We're talking about Somalia, where Bush et al. quietly opened a front in their "For-Us-or-Against-Us" war in December 2002, when they opened a major special operations base in neighboring Djibouti.
If you hadn't thought about Somalia since Black Hawk Down, if you just barely saw the news of the Ethiopian invansion late last month, and if word of U.S. airstrikes took a backseat to Bush's speech and the surge, you best take another look right now.
U.S. special operations forces based in Djibouti have been sneaking into Somalia with Ethiopian guides since some time in 2005.
American ground forces were with the Ethiopians from the start of the invasion on December 24, 2006.
And the C130 gunships and helicopters, whose bombings and strafing killed nomadic herdspeople but not al-Qaeda leaders, didn't have to be rushed to the region. They were already there.
What might be other passing similarities to the Iraq war? Violations of international humanitarian and human rights law? Got 'em. Flauting calls for a multilateral solution? Got it. Probability of regional instability? Got it. Global outrage and further isolation of the U.S.? Got 'em. Myopia or outright gung-hoism from the U.S. corporate media (COMA)? Got that, too.
And, oh yes, what about a wholly inadequate Democratic response?
Look for Dick Durbin to introduce a non-binding resolution: Guaranteed to "sharpen divisions" before the 2008 election, but not to stop a war, bring any troops home, or end the suffering of innocents who may not be "us," but ain't exactly "them," either.
Want to put a stop to this before it gets any worse? Pressure your Democratic representative to put impeachment back on the table.